5 Essential SEO Tips You Might Be Missing For Your Content in 2018

5 Essential SEO Tips You Might Be Missing For Your Content in 2018

SEO is more alive than you think.

As a matter of fact, it was never dead. But later Google Hummingbird and Rank Brain updates started a chatter. Now the question is- is it needed?

More than you can imagine!

SEO is alive: SEO Tips

A good and quality content is needed to rank your page and SEO is needed to sustain that rank.

Yeah, and it works in most of the cases.

Likewise Google, other search engines also are now stressing on quality content. That is also one of the major reasons why Yahoo lost its credibility.

On the contrary, Google is regularly updating itself to give you something really good to read. By and large, it stresses on relevancy and authority of content.

And so, with such a great emphasis on good content, the ways of doing SEO changed even before we realized it.

Now everything revolves around your content idea. Every effort is directed towards improving the quality and giving people something wonderful when they search.

And as a content writer and Search Engine Optimizer, your efforts should be the same.

Amidst countless guides to do perfect SEO, you might be missing these 5 essential and crucial tips which are actually needed in your content.

So, if you want Google to love you along with the people, this is something you mustn’t miss.

Keywords are The Epicentre!

Your very first step in starting with a content or SEO starts with finding the right keywords. I have already written about totally free keyword research tools which should definitely help you.

No need for spending money!

But the thing is- you need to know if you are targetting the right keywords.

A few years back, exact-matching was important. Now, it’s all about broad match and synonyms. You should find relevant and broad-matching keywords to your target keyword.

SEO Tips: Choose the right keywords

Let me ease it up for you.

When you draw a circle, you need a centre point and a number of other points to complete the full circle. Consider your content is a circle. Then your target keyword is your centre point and all other relevant keywords and synonyms constitute the other points required to complete your content.

Your keywords help the search engine understand the context of your content. For example-

  • If you are writing on Interstellar space, then your content must have keywords/phrases like cosmic rays, solar system, stars, planets, Kuiper Belt, etc.
  • But if you are writing on the Interstellar movie, then your content must have keywords/phrases like ‘Matthew McConaughey’, ‘Wormhole’, ‘Gargantua’, ‘Miller’s Planet’, etc.

Be Your Reader

To be a writer first, you need to understand your reader. Every visitor who lands on your page is unique (Yeah, you are unique for us).

Likewise, every visitor is looking for something unique from your content. So, your writing style and choice of words are important. But, is it enough?

Guess not.

Creating your visitor’s persona is not easy. You never know if you visitor landed accidentally or intentionally. But your goal should always be to make them stick.

How can you do that?

Creative Writing is your best bet. Unique and fresh writing doesn’t mean you need to write anything new. Surely, you cannot change the facts. But a fresh content means a content written from a very different perspective.

Research well before writing. Then, you can know what your competitors lack and help you craft your content.

 The Magic of Images

Among the most important SEO tips is the image optimization. Don’t miss my blog about becoming a hero from zero with amazing graphic content.

But your images appeal a lot. Sometimes, an image from your blog can rank tagging your content along with it. So never ignore your images.

Always describe your images in the best way you can. Remember to put proper alt texts and Image alt attributes to optimize your images. Do not forget to describe at length what your image is all about.

Search engines do not understand your images but they do understand your tags with which you define your image. Always make sure to optimize them.

Your Links Always Matter

One of the primary things search engine bots crawl through is your links. They travel through the interconnected links and scrap relevant from your content.

As an essential SEO tip, I would suggest that you only link your content with trusted and reputed websites. Linking through non-secure and non-trustworthy sites can devalue your page.

Google looks through three things- Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness.

Your knowledge base marks your expertise. You must use a lot of relevant information to let your reader get everything on your target topic. The HTTPS and healthy linking increase the authority of your website. Finally comes the trust. Has your solutions/content helped the user and clarified his query?

When your content answers all the above questions, then Google assigns a value to your site. So you see, good outbound, inbound, nofollow, etc. linking increases the authority of your site.

What if a link is broken?

Make sure you remove it as soon as possible. Google devalues a page containing a broken link. Moreover, your user might get redirected to a spammy page when trying to access the broken link.

Auditing is important. You can analyse your links, discover broken links, and find new possibilities of linking. Wikipedia is a perfect example of linking.

Most of their links are internal. When you click on one hyperlink, you get redirected to that specific content on Wikipedia itself. This doesn’t mean that internal linking helps in ranking.

But surely, it keeps your site safe. Moreover, Wikipedia also relies on information. It gives everything a user wants regarding the topic. So, Wikipedia always ranks high because all its links and therefore its contents have authority. 

Never Hide Anything!

Google hates hidden info. There was a time when people used a lot of means to spam and earn money. But with Google’s consecutive updates, those black-hat means came at a standstill.

You have different means of representing your content both for desktop and mobile. Let me tell you that you have to design your website keeping your mobile version too. 

So, there are a few things you should remember as far as the mobile version is concerned.

SEO Tips: Never Hide Any Website Content

As an example- let us consider the usage of Accordion. In the desktop version, Accordions optimize your content. Your space is very well-utilized and not to mention the structure looks awesome too.

But, when it comes to mobile-version, it is not advisable to use Accordion.


Google might think that you have hidden your data and do not want it to be shown. In this way, your site might get devalued.

Instead, you can use a separate section or a slide in the mobile version. It is still a better option.

So, always avoid hiding texts or using any kind of black hat techniques.

Small SEO Tips Gives You a Rank?

As I have mentioned earlier, SEO was never dead. It simply changed its ways.

Off-page SEO comes much later. But there is so much you can do with On-page SEO. There is a very common misconception that a very well written content with excellent on-page SEO marks can never get an impression.

That is wrong.

These 5 SEO tips prove how important these factors are for a search engine ranking. Now, let me break another myth.

These SEO tips won’t guarantee you a rank. But, these make your content potentially fit for getting amazing impressions and ranking. But you need to remember at all times that your content is everything.

Do you have any further suggestions? Let me know in the comments.

Adios till the next post.



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  1. I totally agree that SEO is not dead, however, the black hat tactics that people used to apply to gain ranking is almost crushed like never before. I especially liked the notion of using the readers perspective to craft and promote the content. Also, I would like to add the power of guest posting, especially from high DA and relevant sites as this complies the new update of EAT from google. Thanks for sharing the tips.

    1. White Hat SEO will never be dead as long as people are using search engines for their preferred types of results. Thanks for the feedback anyway.

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