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Create Content That Google Wants in 2019: E-A-T and SEO

Planning to create the content that Google wants? With new updates in Google’s checklist, standing out with your content just with keyword optimization is not going to be enough. For what we know, Google is known to constantly upgrade its algorithm to weed out mundane and unhelpful content. 

Now you need to focus on Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) algorithm before you get your content online.


What do you do then? How would you exactly create content that the search engine is going to prefer? To put it simply, following the E-A-T algorithm can make your content get noticed by Google. Google is shifting its preference towards a highly refined and polished content. 

This is exactly where the ‘Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines’ viz a viz, a way of assessing search results directed to a particular query by someone. These guidelines are an elaborate understanding of the E-A-T algorithm. Here we have made it simpler for you. Over 10,000 people are employed in the process to carry spot checks on Google’s behalf. It’s rapid, It’s growing, and evolving. So what do we do to keep up?

How Does Google Check Your Content?

If you are trying to create content that Google wants then here’s make sure to keep these in mind. Here’s what the search engine keeps in its checklist while assessing your content quality. 

‘E-A-T’ and ‘YMYL’

Expertise – Precision is a must! That comes with expertise in what you put up on the internet. You need to be a PRO at your content. That distinguishes you from those who aren’t. This is the first check you go through in the E-A-T algorithm updated by Google. Particularly websites that deal with medicine, finance, and legal expertise, proper knowledge becomes mandatory. All you as a content creator need to make sure that your content is true and perfect for viewers. 


Authoritativeness – You need to depict that you own the content. You should have authority over the content that you put up on your website. This is intertwined with expertise. If your content is rich in context coming from a professional; it will organically invite a large audience to form a discussing community. The quality of the conversation that follows brings a lot of attention to the search engine. 

Trustworthiness – This is important to build a long lasting relationship with your viewers. Being credible is what makes you and your content appear upfront. Present your website in such a way that it ensures a feeling of safety and security among the users. Certifying your website with SSL certification makes it appear more likely on the first page of the search results.

The significant factor- YMYL (Your Money or Your Life)

What is in focus now is the YMYL concept. Google is on the lookout for pages that ranks higher in the E-A-T algorithm, especially if it concerns the YMYL. What matters now apart from the content is the author’s knowledge in the specific matter and his/her credentials. Simply, if your content lacks professional expertise it has a high chance to be shuffled down the ladder of the search results. In the process, Google is now avoiding any content that can cause a potential negative impact on someone’s life, income or well being. 

Here are some of such Categories or Pages:

  • E-commerce
  • Financial knowledge including taxes, investment, stocks, etc. 
  • Medical aid
  • Legal support

Search Engine Optimisation:

Except for the recent addition based on E-A-T and YMYL what’s still existing is SEO. Google enlists primary search results aligning web pages, images, videos, etc. entirely on rankings by search engine’s discretion. Users get their results sorted based on relevance. Search is one of the primary ways of how users land to major websites and webpages. So how Google analyses your content is a significant consideration you should make while putting your content on the internet.

different SEO strategies

In order to increase traffic and engagement on your website, getting noticed by the search engine is a must-have! SEO ensures that with the right keyword you get noticed and appear higher in the search results.

So what does Google Want in Your Content?

It’s all about perfecting the basics. YMYL and the E-A-T Algo may be in the spotlight for now. But you still can’t ignore what Google’s always preferred.

Producing unique content is a good way to get started. This tells the search engine how much unique content your website holds compared to other search results that may be low in quality or copied from another. 

Induce User Engagement because Interaction is crucial. This determines how many viewers interact with the content on your website. Contents that are engaging and interactive automatically gain a lot of attention both in the eyes of the user and search engine. 

An improved Page Speed is always good for your site. This parameter determines how quick your website lands the user to the main content and its friendliness with other platforms and devices. 

Author’s expertise on the subject: New to the search parameters is the author’s knowledge and level of expertise about the subject he/she is dealing with. The authors who are highly skilled and accredited gets a higher ranking while anonymous authors are the least preferred. 

A clear and crisp About Us section adds up value The About Us section was so far least paid attention to. But now after the update, the About Us section is where you should focus your interest. Update as much as information you can about your work, page, and site. Align your short term and long term goals along with the professional credibility of the author of the content.

The basics never get old when you are trying to boost your content in Google. Keeping these pointers in mind is sure to draw some traffic to your content. But that’s all from us for now. Have more to add to the list? Feel free to drop a comment!

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