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5 hacks to create a supercharged content in 2019

Writers and Pansters, you might have been steeped in the craft of writing all your life. But failing to stay up to date with the latest requirements in the content for 2019 is akin to reading the top 5 Jesus classics and missing out on reading the Bible.

The updates for Content Marketing were much in the buzz throughout 2018. And 2019 is no different. Content marketing propelled with many great strategies and that was a good news for everyone.

But here’s the thing about successful Content Marketing strategies-once they start working out, the market becomes saturated with those strategies. It becomes really hard for your business to stand out in the midst of all the competition.

Content is king to create a supercharged content

We wish we could let you on some magical gems that would help you master the best content marketing tactics.

However, we cannot do that. But we can definitely give you some keys that can help you keep up with the content marketing trends for 2019 that’ll help you make your content stand out.

Latest trends to write great content in 2019

(Cheat Sheet- It’s all about the audience.)

what's new 2019 to create a supercharged content

Improve page speed

So your content is ready. You have surpassed all other major content marketing hurdles and are set to impress your TG.

And then it happens. The dreadful slow speed that makes the reader skip your page and go to that just another competitor site.

The feeling is frustrating. No user wants to be waiting for a page to load.

The maximum time-span an average user spends on site is barely 10 seconds- 3 seconds as per the NBC News Report and 8-100 seconds as per a research from the Nielsen Norman Group.

That is why it is necessary to pay attention to improving Page Speed.

Write to the right audience

The very first commandment of content creation is determining the target demographic. Once done, your entire content revolves around it.

Seo strategies in website is required to create a supercharged content

Figuring out the right keywords is crucial if you want to reach your target audience.

After figuring out your target demographic, you can try to know what’s in the trend, what the queries are, or what the target audience is talking about in general.

Based on this you can create a high quality and highly relevant content that can be marketed to a specific demographic.

2019 also emphasizes the kinds of keyword you use. Target those primary and LSI keywords that are relevant, specific, and also profitable. It’s a plus to research your industry-specific keywords that can help your page get more traffic apart from answering the user’s search query.

Set aside some dollars for the visuals

…because they make your content more relevant, professional and adds authority to your work.

Creative ideas from mobiles and analytical reports helps to create a supercharged content

And why not? They make your content more appealing and impactful. That’ one of the reasons why they appeal 94%of the readers.

So one of the wisest things you can do for the year ahead is keeping some funds to create visually attractive content.  

Don’t write for the sake of writing

Hate to break the sad news, but those days are gone when you could just complete you write up just because it had to be done.

As per Google’s latest guidelines, users are more keen on pages that have the authority or expertize. Even Google is focusing more on pages that have more expert authorship.

Man looking at the quality to create a supercharged content

How can you improve that? Work on a better page reputation.

Also, it’s 2019. And users are attracted to everything upbeat that also adds actual value to the content. So what type of content creation is on the trend? 

  • Video and live streaming

Why? It’s in the trend… so much so as to cover 1/3rd of all online activities in 2018. With more names focusing on Videos considering these trends, try including video content in your site or your blog.  Use Biteable or Animoto, but try it.

  • Interactive content

It is one of the best ways to get readers involved in your content. Interactive content makes your work fun, engaging, and improves site reputation.

  • Added value

Make your content stand out with added perks with your site. It could be anything- a free report, a mini tutorial, a pdf guidebook, etc. You can also add webinars and online classes. It is one of the best ways to retain a reader, monetize your site or even create scope for e-learning.

Pay special attention to the featured details

Featured snippets have been getting a lot of attention since 2018. And why not? As per Google, they may get featured in the results page in SERP when a user types their query.

Also, as per Ahref, Snippets are essential enough to steal away traffic from the number 1 search result on the SERP. The snippets get featured in the most optimum place on the SERP that draws the maximum user’s attention.

How can you ensure that your snippets are of high quality? As per Moz, you can structure your snippet in three ways-

    1. Paragraph- The user can find the answer in the text
    2. Bullets- The answers are presented in a bulleted list
    3. Tables- Data is shown in a table
    4. Numbers- The answers are presented in a numbered list
    5. YouTube Snippet

As per Getstat, the best alternative is table snippet-

A report showing the 2016 car sales by brand

But what do we do to get a better snippet feature?

Here are some of the many things you can do to improve your snippet and get better traffic.

  • Curate the best quality of content for your page
  • Be very specific in answering the user search query
  • Have authority in your writing for added credibility
  • Present useful and relevant stats and figures in content

Everything finally boils down to how well SEO-optimized your content is for your target audience and how well it is answering to their queries.

Narrowing it down,

Writing down a compelling, marketable, and yielding content for 2019 is not an insurmountable task. Establish these ground rules of content writing to safeguard and keep up with the trends of 2019.

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