The Ultimate Guide to Facebook SEO | Skyrocket Social Traffic in 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook SEO | Skyrocket Your Social Traffic in 2018

The fact that you can do much more than tagging on Facebook is no longer a secret. Facebook SEO? Yeah, eye-widening fact, indeed!


No wonder companies never missed an opportunity to feature on your Timeline. Offers, Advertisements, and what not!


And all dreams of social media marketing came crashing down with the last Facebook Algorithm Update.


What was it that opened a nasty Pandora’s Box?


The developers made clear that People prefer personal feeds on their suggestions and timeline rather than company advertisements.


When Marketers Lost Their Golden Fleece…

Not long after this announcement, social organic traffic (I love the term!) swooped down to alarming levels. Never before the need for a social optimization took such an importance. Organic traffic alarmingly dropped 200% for certain sites!


Many brands lost their social value as their products didn’t reach the target audience. So, it became a necessity.


Yes, you can pay and boost and enjoy a ‘bribed reach’, but you actually can do a lot more with just a few tricks. SEO hosting on social sites marked a comprehensive beginning. Facebook Marketing is a lot more than you think. But before I take your conclusions, how exactly social media and SEO are interconnected?


The Bots Crawling Myth

From time to time, there has been quite a number of myths regarding SEO. It all starts from the time Google rolled out the Big Daddy Update.


One of the most common myth is- Google has nothing to do with Social Media Reach.


This is not entirely true.


Social rankings may not be a ranking factor but the social popularity is surely an indicator for the search engine that your content is loved by people. Social Media Today wrote an awesome content on how Social Sites and Search Engines Play Together!


Keeping in mind such speculations, let me clarify the scenario. Search Engine bots crawl your social links. It is just that they don’t index. Search Engine Journal mentions that many times in their content


So, since your social content is crawled, Google reads your content if you want to put it that way.


It may not rank on the basis of the number of Facebook likes and shares but surely values and gives authority on the basis of your social popularity.


So, you must optimize your Facebook write-ups too so that it is easily understandable and crawlable by Search Engine Bots.


Keeping in mind the gravity of social sales, webmasters understood the secret recipe of Facebook SEO.


Be Socially Optimized with Facebook SEO

Just as Search Engine bots treat your website content, the same goes for your Facebook content. You cannot compromise with optimization.


You know that the first 100-200 words are important in your web content. When this goes for Facebook, the limit is the first 18 words.


Likewise, your header tags and keyword inclusion is also treated in the same way,


So, your target keyword, synonyms, secondary keywords, and other meta tags with enforcing the idea must be present in the first 18 words.


Facebook treats your header tags, title, images, etc. in the same way bots do on your web content.


But 18 words are too less, aren’t they?


Making a content social SEO friendly with putting the most relevant info is difficult indeed. The solution is making optimum use of the space.


You can accomplish this by power and action words. They are the secret ingredient that adds emotion, strength, and pace to your Facebook content within the 18 words limit.


Now, what to do next?


The next number of words are important too. Social Media content begets action from the user end. Your call-to-action is something you cannot ignore.


Your CTA must be after the first 18 words. It is important because you need to hold your reader after invoking interest.


Is Facebook Marketing Next-to-Impossible?

Of course not!


Although the traffic reach is limited, you have the first 18 words to make an impact, don’t you?


Now, some of the social media marketers think boosting helps in increasing popularity. Another popular myth indeed.


Boosting a post or creating a Facebook Ad simply pushes your content to a lot but neither guarantees an ascertained popularity.


Your social strength still depends on your content.


Facebook has been amazing. There are no second thoughts about it. But it is up to us to utilize what it has already provided.


The bot crawling fact has surely given us hope. With Facebook SEO tactics on the corner, we have a lot more scope than we had before.

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