Google EAT, Thanksgiving Update & SEO: What's Going On?

Google EAT, Thanksgiving Update & SEO: What is Google Upto This Time?

There was a ‘SERP’quake on Thanksgiving! But it is not very clear as to what happened. Some say it is related to Google EAT; others, it is a simple Google Medic Update reversal.  

But what is the significance of this update?

Well, for one thing, the focus is more on the relevancy of the links and the content. This brings us to the idea that the Google November 22nd Update or The Google Thanksgiving update is related to SEO and Google EAT.

And Then Came Google EAT…

Initially, when Yahoo allowed random writers and people to post content, things became difficult. Google faced the same issues in their initial days.

Relevancy was a challenge. If someone searches for PC driver, you cannot show results related to a car driver. This was the main reason why Yahoo fell behind.

Right from Google Big Daddy Update, Google Florida Update to RankBrain update, Google has only one goal- E-A-T. 

Google EAT

What’s that?


Your reader doesn’t know you, neither you know your audience personally. But to make them stick to your content, you need to show your class. Not personally, but you know what your audience wants to read

Web writing is all about online advertisement of your opinions and thoughts and your knowledge. Accordingly, Google is evolving. Every single Google algorithm update is all about helping Google thinking like the way we do.

Google EAT

So if you want your content to standalone from the internet crowd, you need to exhibit your Expertise. 

Expertise can be defined as to your depth, hold, and flexibility on the subject.


Why must your content rank?

Because you have expertise? Not enough!

Authority comes from your links. In the recent Google Thanksgiving Update, tracking tools failed. Why?

Because Google is relying on the quality of links. It doesn’t matter how many rather how is it. This is creating a difference since August 1st Update on 2018.

Google EAT

The quality of your inbound links and the relevancy of all links is taken into consideration. Google is critically looking at how are you are justifying a link for itself and for your readers.

There is no tool in this world which could understand the quality of a link and bang! Google wins.

  • Are your linked sites good?
  • Quality of content on the linked websites.
  • Are the linked keywords relevant to the context?

All there questions justify your Authoritativeness.


Make your reader believe in you. Never take your audience for granted. Every single word you write has an everlasting impact on your audience. You may not know each other but through trust, you can win a rank.

If you have expertise and authority, trust can be built with honesty. Always avoid abstract ideas and predictions.

Google Thanksgiving Update: November 22nd

From 18th November to 22nd November, SERP went crazy. This has happened before. Likewise, the changes were slow. Google likes to slowly unveil the curtain.

However, something weird happened on 21st November. The SERP tracking tools couldn’t track the significant Google algorithm changes which were being rolled out.

I will come to the reason later.

And then finally on November 22nd, the SEO chatter rose high and soon it was realized that there was a Google algorithm update. Since it came out on Thanksgiving Day, it was soon named as Google Thanksgiving Update.

People soon realized that Google algorithm trackers were not able to pick up the intensity of the change. Let me show you few snapshots of the chatter going across the SEO communities.

Google EAT

And much more. Everyone practically experienced high SERP fluctuations.

What is Google Up to This Time?

Hard to put finger on it specifically but one thing is for sure- Google is going after relevancy and EAT. To understand this, we first need to understand what Google Medic Update actually did.

Google Medic Update did more than just target medical sites. It increased granularity to topic relevancy to all inbound links combined with a lot of quality factors. Now here, people will say that this had nothing to do with Google EAT or simply medicinal sites.

In simple words, Google is focussed more on the relevancy of terms rather than the number of links.

Google Thanksgiving Update and Google EAT

And that made the SERP tracking tools ineffective.

Coming to the second point, is Google EAT a part of the target?

I personally think so and I have reasons to do. When we focus on the quality of links and the relevancy, it becomes very obvious that quality guidelines are coming into play.

Secondly, Google has stressed that context is king. So if your inbound and outbound links fulfil the visitors’ query, the algorithm update won’t hit you.

One thing that must be remembered that never take down old content when hit. Instead, work on a new content from a very fresh angle. And this brings us to the last untouched aspect- SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has always been a big deal. But the recent Google August Update, Google September 27 Update or Google Birthday Update, Google October Update and the recent Google Thanksgiving update- something is going on!

As I said, the Google Medic update was misunderstood. From an SEO point of view, it seemed that Google looked at site quality from a very different perspective.

Sites which had been hit by the Google Medic Update seemed to recover. Some sites which remained unaffected then seemed to be hit now. And few sites which remained unrewarded seemed to gain their traffic back.

We really have to wait until Google releases an official statement as to what exactly the update was all about. Till then, focus on your content and keep making people fall in love with your site.




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