Was There Another Google October Update on 8th and 9th? Let's See!

Was There Another Google October Update on 8th and 9th? Find More About It Here!

It hasn’t been long when Google consecutively pushed out updates. There was one on September 27th followed by October 4th and finally now!

Google is rocking the SERP since August 1st- a major broad core update.

But let me clarify one thing. This update is not confirmed yet. 

Then, what made me write this content?

Since the last couple of days, I saw the chatter in SEO communities rise. I check for graphs and statistics only to see a turbulent SERP. So, there might be another Google October Update on 8th and 9th which they rolled out or are still pushing out. 

I remember similar continuous turbulency when Google was working with Fred update. One misconception is that Fred is one update.

Google Fred update is a series of algorithm updates which Google rolled out for a couple of months and two. Conspiracy theories say that Fred is still being rolled out.

Jokes apart!

There have been things like this before. Google often tests and rolls our 600-700 algorithm updates every year on an average. So, if this fact is taken into consideration, perhaps we have a major algorithm coming our way. 

Has Anyone Confirmed A Google October Update on 8th and 9th?

Not exactly!

So far, there has been no official statement released by Google Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan. But that doesn’t mean that Google has been silent. 

Let me give you a snapshot of the SEO Community- WebmasterWorld.

Google October Update on 8th and 9th

However, if you have a look at the automated tools for SERP tracking, you will find that not every tool has shown the irregularity.

This one is SEMRush Tracker

Google October Update on 8th and 9th

And, this one is the Mozcast SERP tracker

Google October Update on 8th and 9th

I have put up only these two because these have shown considerable fluctuations. Yes, there has been definitely something done with Google Algorithm. 

What Can We Predict?

As of now, we can only rely on what has been done.

In the Google September 27 Algorithm update or The Google Birthday update, there have been quite a few changes. There was an improvement in the image search and few Search Console changes.

Soon enough, we saw the Google Algorithm Update on October 4th. Although it was a small update, it hit those sites which earlier got hit by Google Medic update.

I wrote a content on Google Birthday update on September 27th and Google October Update on 4th October.

As far as Google has said, they always look for better content. So, we can predict that the series of updates are related to the Google Quality Factors. 

It is also quite possible that the following Google October Updates on 8th and 9th are tweaks to the Google Medic Update.

Since there has been no official word from Google, we can only look in the SEO communities and keep an eye on the metrics.

As for you, you can subscribe to our blog as we keep a sharp eye on Google updates. We will surely update you the moment we get an official word from Google.



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