Google September 27 Update: What All Do We Know As Of Now?

Google September 27 Update: What All Do We Know As Of Now?

I heard a huge chatter in the SEO Community on 27th September. All things were aimed at one aspect. There was a Google Algorithm Update on September 27. 

As of now, one thing is for sure that an update was done. Whether it was regarding the Medic update adjustments or another layer addition isn’t clear. We can only hope with time we can know more about this.

But, few things are confirmed.

Many people gained their lost traffic which seemed to be lost after Google Medic update.

The Google September 27 Update has shown us a few things. Let me tell you all that I know so far from various communities.

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The WebmasterWorld Chatter

I picked up the WebmasterWorld forum buzzing with chatter. Let me share glimpses-

Google September 27 Update


So, there was definitely something.

What does Google Have to Say About it?

Soon, people stormed Google on Twitter regarding the update. Finally, Danny Sullivan of Google Search Liaison confirmed soon to Barry Schwartz’s tweet from Search Engine Roundtable

Google September 27 Algorithm Update

Metrics for Verification

Not only Danny Sullivan, many webmasters previously saw the SERP metrics being turbulent to a certain extent. Here are some of the snapshots of the various tools-

Google September 27 Algorithm Update

Google September 27 Algorithm Update

Is It Related to Google Medic Update?

One thing is for sure that this update was a small one. It was not a major update like the Google August Update. So far, nothing is confirmed about the details of this update.

I heard chatter in the SEO Communities that the Google Birthday Update (since it was done on September 27- on Google’s 20th Birthday) is a reversal of the Google Medic Update.

The sites which weren’t hit by the Medic Update found themselves being impacted by the Google September 27 Update. Also, there also were sites which were hit by both the updates.

There was also a small proportion of sites (the ones hit by Medic Update) that recovered from Google Birthday Update.

What Can You Do If Your Site Was Hit?


I have seen people taking down their content, creating more backlinks or trying to rely on other on-page SEO techniques. All these things are unnecessary.

To understand what you can do, you must understand first what is a Google Algorithm? Read my blog to know more about it.

In the past year, Google said the following-

Google September 27 Algorithm Update


So you see, if you are hit by Google September 27 Update, do not take down any content. Simply write a better content, align your interests with your reader and give people something amazing.

There is no point in working on devalued stuff. But surely, you always have the scope to update them.

Yes, this update was done on a smaller scale. All we have is the SERP metric tools and Google tweets. Subscribe to stay connected with the Google Birthday Update.


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