Search Engine Bots: The Art of Understanding Humans Without Being One

Search Engine Bots: Let’s Learn The Art of Understanding Humans Without Being One!

It takes only a human to understand another.

Whosoever said this hasn’t seen Search Engines in action. How can a machine understand what we are trying to say?

Context is King rules everything. Be it Google Assistant, Siri, or Amazon Alexa, we have machines understanding our idea. What fun it is to sit back and relax and let a machine play a song of your mood.

Let’s not venture that far.

What about Google, Yahoo, and all other Search Engines?

Put one query and you get your answers. But what we do not know is how the system works? How can Google understand what we are trying to say?

Because you see, scraping Terabytes of info within minutes isn’t that easy. Not even for a machine to understand our language. That is exactly where Search Engine bots come in.

Consider them as a middleman facilitating your transaction. I won’t go much deeper but deep enough for you to realize how amazing Search Engine bots are.

Are They Really What They Sound?

Not exactly!

As per official definition, Search Engine Bots are browsers running currently on Chrome 41 which crawls through your entire content and collects info for the specific search engine.

Too much technical isn’t it?

Let me break it down for you.

Search Engines are databases. When you launch a website, the Search engine needs to store all the information it contains. Not just that, it also performs a judgment as to how good the content is.

Now a database cannot index millions of data all by itself, not the mention the constant updates websites go through.

So, every search engine has small browsers in the form of robots which do the hard work.

The Children of Search Engines

It’s good the search engines do not have any family planning. Imagine the time it would take for one browser to scrap all the available information.

Crawl Budget

As I have mentioned earlier, every search engine has their own search engine bots which have a specific name-

Each single search engine bot acts as a browser. As we have seen, GoogleBot has been officially known to crawl with Chrome 41 (Yeah, I know it is old!). So if you have been working on a higher Chrome version, you need to optimize it for older Chrome.


Search Engine Bots do a lot more than just scraping info. They perform the crawling whose budget is one of the primary ranking factors. 

If your site is too heavy with images or has a rich text, the crawling budget increases. In other words, bots take a lot of time to crawl.

What does that mean?

It means that-

Now, all of these factors play a major role as far as ranking is concerned. If we specifically see for the overall experience, your website must be optimized.

So you see, the crawling efficiency of Search Engine bots on your website plays a major role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Bots are Traveling: What Does That Mean for You?

Search Engine Bots follow the principle of the World Wide Web. The world is like an interconnected web. 

When we create links from our content to several other websites, we are linking or creating a bridge between two towns. Search Engine bots are the survey officers.

From one given link or bridge, they travel to the other website or town to see how authoritative the other website is.

As soon as we enable the bot crawl, Search Engines frequently release the spiders throughout your content scraping information and traveling through the given links.

search engine bots link crawl

How does that help you?

Building quality links help the search engine understand that your content is genuine. Sometimes, we may find that certain links are broken. And trust me, this devalues your content and you might lose rankings.

Now the real question comes in, do frequent crawling improves your URL and gets you to a better ranking?

Google Webmasters have mentioned for long that it is just a myth. Yes, you do need to crawl frequently for the Search Engines to understand that you are refreshing your content. But if you do not give your readers something worth, the above won’t help you.

Every search engine always looks to give the best content to the user. Sometimes, people restrict Search Engine bots to curb their crawling budget. Stick to us to know more about allowing/disallowing bot crawling using the robots.txt file.

But yes, considering no restriction, you might have understood the importance of Search Engine Bots. What I gave is merely a glimpse. We will surely dive deeper into the world of these spiders and understand how they affect SEO.

So, what do you think?

Let me know your idea because, for one thing, these bots might be small but without them, Search Engines can never know what you are up to!


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