Hottest Tips to Win Everyone With A Fantastic Website in 2018

Hottest And Trending Tips to Win Everyone With A Fantastic Website in 2018

What is a good website?

Well, the term good is quite broad indeed. Sometimes, it is used as a compliment but frequently I have seen it being used for a sarcasm.

For us, good is good enough. And, our lives keep on moving. But when it comes to websites, good still leaves a possibility! To add, this term is relative too.

Someone may consider a good website in terms of design, graphics, and attracting nature. While, some say that a good website has a fast loading speed, amazing content, and is light-weighted.

Now, which one is true?

It is hard to take sides. So, I found a middle way-  those perfect points from both sides. And I am sure you will know at the end-

a website is more than just coding and content.

These ways will help you realize that.

Choose a Content Management System That Supports Accessibility

Firstly, let me tell you what a CMS (Content Management System) is.

Everything and anything you have online can be managed through one platform. Yeah. That’s right!

A CMS helps you create a content, develop it, index it for search engines, and make it user-friendly too. So, it must be very easy to understand.

To sum up, it is a shopping of your digital content!

Imagine a shopping complex that has no labels or row names! Even the counters aren’t labelled. Your time would be spent asking people and managers and honestly, no one would go to such a place.

That’s what accessibility means.

Content Management System for a Good Website

The thing is, a CMS is a multi-functional robot. So, if it is not user-friendly, things might get complicated. In this world of digital competition, no one has the time to spend learning a CMS.

But what if there is a CMS that has everything laid on the table?

This is why the world loves WordPress. Yes, it is more than amazing. The finest part of Google-powered Wordpress is it is highly user-friendly. Even a novice can easily access and work on the platform.

A great accessibility helps in increasing the productivity. You can do every site work quickly. So, you have all the time in the world to ponder upon other aspects necessary for ranking.

Never Be Careless With Headlines!

When a user lands on your content or page, the first thing that he encounters is the headline. Now if we ignore the page loading speed, time is less.


From landing on your page to making a decision for staying or not, you only have a window of an average 4 seconds!

That means,

You only have 4 seconds to attract your audience and make them read your content or scroll your website further.

And, headlines serve that purpose.

A well-crafted headline adds gravity to your website. It compels that landed visitor to stick to your page and prefer your content over a million others on the internet.

A good headline serves another purpose.

The internet is literally crowded with website names and domains. And your objective must always be to create an everlasting persona and standalone with your website. 

A powerful website name has been known to invite readers to click. Moment of victory indeed- you just increased the CTR of your website just with a kickass headline.

Images are Adrenaline Drips!

If you are a master of graphic illustration, then you already have mastered a part of digital marketing. I have written a blog on the power of graphic content and how it can make you a hero from zero.

Don’t miss that!

But, how images help with respect to a website?

Your whole website structure should be graphically appealing. Now that doesn’t mean that you upload heavy imagery and use high-definition images which take time to load.

Let me break a myth. Excessive graphics and HD images don’t make your website awesome.

Rather, images should be used in a way which-

  • Makes an appeal
  • Keeps the site structure user-friendly
  • Doesn’t take the user away from your actual content
  • Doesn’t impact your page load speed.

The fourth point is one of the major Google Ranking Factors.

However, the most important thing we can extract is an image-optimized website attracts visitors in ways you simply can’t imagine. There is a certain power in simplicity too, ain’t it?

Mind The Page Loading Speed

Would you stick to a website that takes a lot of time to load? (Let’s keep aside the internet argument)

Naturally, everyone expects a site to load fast. Right from the click on the appearance of the header image and contents, it must come quickly. Okay, here are a few things-

  • Avoid HD images
  • Never use too much Javascript in your website designing
  • Keep your homepage optimized.
  • Make separate page for separate categories.

It’s Mobile-First, Buddy!

Google was on the verge of changing everything with Mobilegeddon update and it did literally change with July Update. Mobile-first indexing became a major ranking factor.

What does it mean?

The mobile version of your will be indexed and crawled before your desktop version. And, bang! Everything came crumbling down.

It is mandatory to have a mobile version of your website along with your desktop version because it is the mobile version that will be indexed and rendered first!

Mobile Responsive Website

If your site is responsive (easy for mobile phones to open), then you already are on a winning track. Having a great UX is directly related to your mobile version.

So when you design a new website, don’t forget these two important points-

  • Mobile version along with your desktop version
  • Check Page loading speed for the mobile version.

A Clear & Concise Call-to-Action

There is a purpose for which you designed your website. You may want your visitor to buy, to subscribe, to watch, or to pay for a service. And to fulfil these purposes, you need a Call-to-Action button.

All you need to do is design a very clear and precise button for the action you want your visitor to take. It must always be placed on a position wherein it is easily visible and best fits in that aspect or section of the page.

Your customer service experience has everything to do with your CTA (Call-to-Action). Shep Hyken discusses all these aspects in depth.

Improper Alignment Can Be Achilles’ Heel!

No one likes mismanagement!

Your website is your room. You really need to keep things tidy to create a good impression. In a similar fashion, your page must be very well organized.

Create many pages as you can. Do not worry about the size of your site. At the end of the day, all that matters is that your site must be kept very well organized.

Your images, posts, categories, subscription links, header and footer content, and other necessary section must be placed in a way so that any visitor can easily scroll between sections and understand what you have written. 

Code carefully. Always check for the output or as I like to call them- pre-publishing snapshots. Always do a website audit to know what your site has and where does it lack.

Sites rendered purely with Javascript are by default heavy. And to add, JS code is highly complicated. A single space error can cause issues. It is better and safer to go for PHP or CSS with a pinch of JS for customization.

Is That All?

Perhaps not!

Search Engines or Google is more about quality content and increasing user experience. The liking process starts right from the front page of your site.

You should always keep an eye on the Google Webmasters Forum. They give regular updates on algorithm changes and tips for a better site update.

The whole idea is to give people something substantial. 

So, what’s your idea? I am sure you have other points to share. Don’t forget to let me know through the comments.





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  1. I’m truly enjoying the design and layout of your site.
    It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more enjoyable
    for me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a designer to create your theme?
    Superb work!

    1. Yes surely I consulted one but some things I did by myself. If you need help I can refer the designer to you. Thanks for the feedback anyways. Hard work paid off!

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